What to choose?

You still don't know what make up product to choose? We have put them here all together.

Eye Gloss: provides shine around the eyes

Make Up Black: gives deep expression of the eyes

Make Up other colours
covers over marks, scars and unwanted light coat hairs

Highlighter Gloss: provides superb shine and glossy finish around eyes and nose

Glistening Oil: light oil to give supurb shine where ever you want to

Highlighter Gel: provides shiny and glossy look around eyes and nos and keeps helping to lay the manes and tail down

Sparkle: gives amazing shine to tail, manes and complete body; reflects extra in sunlight

De Luxe Coat Gloss: provides supurb shine to the body

Stain Remover Spray: Removes stains without the use of water

Stain Remover Shampoo: with regular use makes stains from urine disappeare, for body and tail

Leg & Body Whitener: white legs and bodies become amazingly white!

Hoof Paint: makes hoofs shiny black

The products contain UV-protection and are friendly for animals.


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